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SQL Bits 7, York registration is now open

SQL Bits 7 – the wonders of SQL is now open for registration.  It’s in York University from 30th September to 2nd October. Why York? Because the organisers try and run some of these outside of the London area (so far Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff) so this time they are off to spread the SQL love in the North East.

The event runs like this:

  • 30th September is the paid for training day featuring the likes of Brent Ozar from SQL Skills in the US, Buck Woody the DBA’s DBA from Microsoft and UK MVPs such as analytics guru Chris Webb and Reporting Rock Star Chris Testa O’Neill
  • 1st October is the paid for conference day,  featuring some of the speakers from the training day but across multiple tracks in a conference style format.
  • 2nd October is the free community day where the content is voted and put together by the community.

Note: There are various discounts on the sight and bundle prices for attending all three days.

I’ll be at there Friday and Saturday and I want to hear your worst SQL squealers, i.e. the sad, bad and mad problems you have seen or possibly created and how you got around them. I’ll be trading some cool swag for these and I am happy to change names to protect the guilty and innocent, and you’ll get top approve any draft before it’s published.