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Woodland Trust part 2

In my second interview with Lionel Wilson Head of IS  at the Woodland Trust,  I wanted explore what the challenges are of moving from this ..


into a new sustainable HQ that wouldn’t look out of place in  Grand Designs albeit on a larger scale. It’s packed full of passive and active cooling tech, to make it as sustainable as possible without costing any more than traditional new builds.  You can’t get too much sense of it at the moment but here’s the new data centre with a special strengthened base in the middle for the servers and UPS


and there are few stills in the video..


Lionel is joined by his ops manager Richard Otter as they explain that their approach to IT follows the same approach as the rest of the Trust, by being innovative but not expensive.  I was also keen to find out how you go about doing a project like this and what are the risks

My plan is to continue to chat with Lionel and his team as they prepare to move in September to see how it all goes and share some of their experiences to help you with you migration projects.