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Simon May

Contrary to popular belief Microsoft staff are humans who have often led varied and interesting lives before being absorbed into what slashdot describes as the collective. A lot of people actually want to work for Microsoft and so we have recently seen a new batch interns and graduates who have had to fight off fierce competition  to be accepted. 

In a similar manner we have a shiny new technical evangelist on our team, Simon May.  Some would say he married a Microsoftie, to improve his chances of landing the job.  All I know is that he’s going to fit right in anyway and that he’s not alone in having a partner who also works for Microsoft, but enough of that.

In Simon’s words..

“I’ve just joined the evangelism team helping Andrew look after IT Pros in the UK. I’ll be focusing on our client technology including deployment, management and use – obviously that can’t be done without exploring our server platforms too. Helping keep UK IT Pros in touch with what’s going on in the cloud, how it helps them and their business and how they can adopt a more cloudy outlook is an exciting challenge too. My other main focus is working out how Microsoft works being the newbie.”

you can find Simon’s blog here and he tweets as @simonster

 So I’ll continue to widen my technical skills, across all the stuff that happens in the data centre, not just my first love of BI and SQL Server