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Woodland Trust and Green IT

I was lucky enough to meet  Lionel Wilson , head of IS at the Woodland Trust at the Windows 7 launch last year.  He is now starting to implement what he saw on Hyper V and Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2008 R2 as the trust prepares to move into it’s (literally) cool new HQ building..


Lionel Wilson outside the new Woodland Trust HQ

To understand why this should be of interest to you it is important to understand that charities like the Woodland Trust, are often under the same constraints as many businesses; they are run on sound commercial principles to ensure that as much of the funding they receive goes toward the cause they are supporting. They are run by professionals who may well have come from big business (Lionel being a case in point) who have decided to use their talents for good causes.  All this affects IT in two ways; budgets for infrastructure are very tight and they simply cannot afford to pay the competitive IT salaries you might see in the city. Green charities also face the additional requirement of being seen as leaders in adopting sustainable technologies, to show what is possible.  

So Lionel thought it would be good to do a series of interviews on how he and his team are implementing all of this as it’s one thing to read a case study but another to understand how sustainable IT and data centre optimisation works in practice, what the problems were and so on.

The first interview introduces what the Woodland Trust does and why they decided to replace Vmware with Hyper-V  and is on TechNet Edge here or you can stream by clicking on the image below