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SQL Server 2008 R2 online Q&A

I have to confess that I’m not a huge fan of certain type of social media, maybe this is an age thing but perhaps not. I just want to get stuff done and bizarrely at the end of the day I get out my paint brushes, play guitar, or dig for victory in my back garden none of which are related to, computers or my evangelist role at Microsoft.

When I am at work I use blogs, and twitter to get stuff done , but I have never really bough into the forums thing, either to seek help or to give it, as it seems a bit disconnected.  On the help front I am never going to resolve your installation woes unless we actually meet up and I sit in front of your machine, I am more into the sort of help around capabilities, integration of Microsoft’s newer servers.

So ironically I have been volunteered for an online Q&A on the SQL Server magazine Microsoft Forum on 19th May for the day (that’s a UK time zone based day just to be clear).  Actually this makes more sense than a traditional forum as we should be able to field pretty well any question on SQL Server on the day.  Except that is those support type questions, which shouldn’t be an issue as we have an excellent support team who are available all of the time for that.

So if you are confused by master data services, concerned about BI chaos with PowerPivot or  convinced that the cloud is the spawn of satan please feel free to quiz and comment away.