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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011

Like most IT professionals I usually avoid reading blogs with too much personal stuff in, so I try and avoid that in my own posts. But it is Christmas Eve so here’s your card ..     As this supposed to be a technical blog you might like to know that this is a tawny… Read more

Active Directory for Demos

Are you bored setting up domain controllers for your demos to work with, not sure of all the prompts to fill in then try this on a clean copy of Windows Server 2008 R2.. Create a text file called NewDC.txt and copy this into it.. [DCINSTALL] InstallDNS=Yes NewDomain=forest10 DomainNetBiosName=domain ForestLevel=3 DomainLevel=3 DatabasePath=%systemroot%\NTDS Logpath=%systemroot%\LOG RebootonCompletion=yes… Read more

Virtualised Domain Controllers

My standard demo rig has a separate virtual machine (VM) running my domain controller(DC),  I then have a bunch of client and server VMs all of which belong to that domain and I spin those up for different demo scenarios such as Business Intelligence, System Center etc.  However I have still broken a lot of… Read more

How Dense are you?

One of the drivers to moving to the cloud be that public or private is the promised reduced management overhead and cost savings.  Part of this comes from how effectively infrastructure can be utilised and so partially idle virtual machines can be consolidated alongside each other to get the most out of that infrastructure.  The… Read more

Support calls in TechNet Subscriptions

If you are an IT professional working with Microsoft products you need a TechNet subscription in the same way you need food.  A TechNet subscription shouldn’t be confused with the publicly available TechNet site (including this blog)  and it isn’t just a bunch of license keys either.  One of the least known features is the… Read more

SCE Sunday part 8 – Authoring

In this weeks episode of my review of System Center Essentials 2010 (SCE) I want to review the business of customising SCE to monitor the parts of the infrastructure that you are interested in, which is known as authoring.  Many IT departments these days provide service level agreements to the business areas they support and… Read more

SQL or No SQL ?

I have a post on NoSQL but as Azure moves on it’s looking a little long in the tooth so I thought it was time for an update..  I am a big fan of Darwin because he was able to question his own beliefs and perceptions by taking a hard look at the evidence around… Read more

Beta to release upgrade paths for Windows Server 2008 R2 sp1

I see loads and loads of threads tweets and forum questions which run along the lines of “What is the upgrade path from [insert any Microsoft Product here] RC to RTM?” To which the answer is always “There isn’t one – you have to uninstall RC and install RTM”. First let me translate the acronyms:… Read more

Microsoft BI and Kerberos

I was briefing a bunch of partners the other day, and during coffee I went off piste and did a short overview of my presentation “It’s not about the Technology” to the BI MSc course at Dundee University.  However sometimes technology does get in the way especially when it comes to implementation and security, so … Read more