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Virtualisation for the DBA part 1 – Are you Bovvered?

  I have been at a couple of trade shows over the last couple of weeks and a consistent theme has emerged, the reluctance of DBA’s to virtualise SQL Server, whether or not that is Hyper-V.  If you fall into this camp please read-on… Hopefully we can agree that many organisations are worried about SQL… Read more

Virtualisation for the DBA part 2 – SQL Server Management

Given the almost mandatory drive to server virtualisation in data centres, what do you need to worry about and what’s in SQL Server to help you? The biggest worry is probably  trying to manage everything, as typically many organisations simply create a virtual machine for every physical server they have and them lump them onto… Read more

SQL Server Security

Security should be everyone’s business,  but it’s often seen as someone else’s problem.  When it comes to SQL Server there are at least three parts to the puzzle: The infrastructure guys will provide secure comms and accounts with which to access SQL Server. The developers be they in house or  employed by the vendor you… Read more

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft’s new consumer orientated  anti-virus program Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) has now been released.  It’s free so so is it any good? I am going to say empathically yes, because essentially it’s the anti-virus engine from Forefront Client Security,all that’s been taken out is all the management stuff that you would need in a business… Read more

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition and Virtualisation

I get quite a few questions about virtualising SQL Server and typically today this is on VMWare so yesterday I went along to find out more at the VMWare London User Group.  In the current world of computing, vendors compete with everyone but also has alliances with everyone (a bit like the UN really!).  So… Read more

Do You trust your DBA

I noticed a new tool appeared last week from Sentrigo that scrambles SQL Server passwords so that they cannot be seen in plain text by the DBA.  This is to address a supposed vulnerability in SQL Server 2000/5 where by allowed memory dumps which exposed users passwords (BTW I am not doing a post on… Read more

Britain Works

I sat watching Dave the other night and there’s a bit in it where Kevin Kline simply states that he wants to give everyone in America a job that wants one.  I’m not sure if our the MD of Microsoft, Gordon Frazer has seen this, but he’s just announced that we plan to get to… Read more

SQL Server event horizon

I’ve just got back from a week off and I was going to blog about the SQL Server Data Management on 29th September at Inmarsat Ltd Conference Services 99 City Road London London But it’s already on a waiting list! You can still register and you’ll be notified if a space frees up. I am… Read more

SQL Server, Lies Damn Lies and Statistics

I see Oracle have published a couple of papers recently on how easy it is install, configure and manage Oracle 11g vs SQL Server and DB2. The work was commissioned from the Edison Group and the paper on the Oracle / SQL Server comparison is available here.  When I read this I was reminded of… Read more

Vision on – Windows 7

As I’ve said before I’m a bit unsure about whether IT Pros have the time or inclination to watch technical videos.  With our shortened attention spans and demands on our time I am very sure that watching an hour long or even half hour video is going to be watched very often. So James and… Read more