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Days of Christmas – where do I get the stuff

My wife Juliet asked me a stupid question about all those Christmas Videos Viral, James and I made.. where’s the stuff? What she meant was where are the links to try it yourself so here you are Mrs Fryer… Virtual Earth Photosynth Windows Live Writer XNA Game Studio and the XNA Creators Club Deep Zoom… Read more

Windows Server 2008 r2 Beta

What is with operating systems? Nothing for ages then two on the same day, Windows 7 Beta and now Windows 2008 r2 Beta? Well sort of as Windows Server 2008 shares a lot with Vista so Windows Server 2008 r2 has a lot in common with Windows 7.  Obviously DBA’s will be a bit more… Read more

Windows 7 Beta, it’s atomic

I got my first look at Windows 7 just after TechEd EMEA last November, however it wasn’t until I saw it on an atom powered sub notebook that I got excited as these things (e.g. the Asus Eee, Dell Mini X, Samsung NC10 etc.) are selling in spades despite or because of the current economic… Read more

12th Day of Christmas – Community Clips

In my final video of free stuff from Microsoft, Viral is showing my Community Clips a screencasting tool that we actually use to make most of our videos.  However the Community Clips site is also a great resource of videos for learning Office … Technorati Tags: community clips,office training,screencasting… Read more

9th Day of Christmas – PPTplex

The remaining videos in my quest to show 12 cool free things that you can use form Microsoft have been made by good friend Viral.  Viral is the Office and Sharepoint evangelist so it is entirely appropriate that he shows you PPTPlex, a PowerPoint add-in to pimp your presentations. It really comes into its own… Read more

8th Day of Christmas – ThumbTack

The OfficeLabs guys have been busy in the run up to Christmas and have release a gizmo called Thumbtack. It’s a sort of web based OneNote and allows you to quickly aggregate research from lots of web sites.  My wife Juliet explains it better than me… I can see this being used by lots of… Read more