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Server Core in Windows Server 2008 R2 – part 2

Server Core is lean and mean but what can it be used for aside from sitting behind your infrastructure? The biggest new thing is IIS, specifically  server core can now support websites. I think this is really useful as web servers need to be secure and increasingly highly available. Server core and IIS 7.5… Read more

Think U Know

Reading today’s Sun, you might well be worried if your kids are on FaceBook, but taking their laptop away is probably not going to be the correct response, as they’ll simply find another way to get online which is less under your control than what they are doing now e.g. using their phone, a mates… Read more

Windows 7 Press

I love reading real books and I love radio 4, but I don’t do newspapers or television, this is isn’t baby boomer bias, I am big into social media or you wouldn’t be reading this.  If you saw windows on the BBC last week the journalist couldn’t wait to show you something else and the… Read more

Windows 7 – it’s here

Windows 7 is released today, but I feel a bit detached from the buzz in the social cloud about this, having played with for it nearly a year. However a couple of things happened recently that made me remember what life was like before windows 7.  I was in a well known burger bar  and… Read more

Virtualisation for the DBA part 4 – Licensing and Support

To wrap up this mini-series on virtualisation, I wanted to clarify the support and licensing stuff you need to know if you want to Virtualise. The support is really simple, Microsoft support virtual machines just as though they are real environments.  The interesting bit is that this isn’t specific to Hyper-V, it also applies to… Read more

Virtualisation for the DBA part 3 – SQL Server Performance

As I have said already in this series the major concern most DBA’s have when virtualising SQL Server is performance. I think this is actually a bit of myth for a number reasons: Virtualisation just keeps getting better.  This is down to a partnership between the hardware and software industries. We have had a couple… Read more

Virtualisation for the DBA part 1 – Are you Bovvered?

  I have been at a couple of trade shows over the last couple of weeks and a consistent theme has emerged, the reluctance of DBA’s to virtualise SQL Server, whether or not that is Hyper-V.  If you fall into this camp please read-on… Hopefully we can agree that many organisations are worried about SQL… Read more

Virtualisation for the DBA part 2 – SQL Server Management

Given the almost mandatory drive to server virtualisation in data centres, what do you need to worry about and what’s in SQL Server to help you? The biggest worry is probably  trying to manage everything, as typically many organisations simply create a virtual machine for every physical server they have and them lump them onto… Read more

SQL Server Security

Security should be everyone’s business,  but it’s often seen as someone else’s problem.  When it comes to SQL Server there are at least three parts to the puzzle: The infrastructure guys will provide secure comms and accounts with which to access SQL Server. The developers be they in house or  employed by the vendor you… Read more

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft’s new consumer orientated  anti-virus program Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) has now been released.  It’s free so so is it any good? I am going to say empathically yes, because essentially it’s the anti-virus engine from Forefront Client Security,all that’s been taken out is all the management stuff that you would need in a business… Read more