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Pimp your Laptop/Netbook

A simple top tip I got form James O’Neill to get a bit more oomph out of your laptop is to ram in a an SD Card for ready boost when you’re not loading up your photographs.  This feature came in with Vista and is still there in Windows 7, and is a caching technology to service random disk reads. It’s smart enough to realise you’re using a large file and wlil go straight to disk for this as flash type devices are typically slower than normal disks for sequential access.

If you haven’t got AutoPlay enabled then right click and select AutoPlay..


Select Speed up my System


Dedicate it to Readyboost..


and your done.


and as you can see it’s in now showing full.  BTW I saw a 2x pack of SanDisk memory for £12 in Tescos at the weekend. 

James also reckons this works well for hibernate as well if you have a large enough card.  I like the idea of using an SD card because it doesn’t project out of the machine and doesn’t take up a valuable USB port.  I also notice that on some netbooks their are two SD slots possibly because the manufacturers have foreseen this.

Embarrassingly my other top tip is to wedge a bit of cardboard under your  DVD drive bay to stop the huge noise it makes when playing a film DVD!