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Work Experience

A lot of teenagers are on work experience at the moment, and as I don’t have any of my own children I got to be cool uncle for a week and took my nephew Harry to spend a week inside Microsoft.  We run a full week course of lectures and practical exercises along the lines of the apprentice, to teach them presentation and influencing skills,as well as basic selling technique.  They also got to play with our latest stuff and I managed to blag a new HP TouchSmart PC for Harry to try while he was staying with us.  This cool gadget allows some of the surface technology to work in windows 7, although it relies on touch rather than the cameras in Surface to work.

If you haven’t seen one of these you can watch Harry trying it out …

Dell also have the Latitude XT laptop with similar capabilities which would be great especially if (a Big IF) Office 2010/ SQL Server 2008 r2 has special bits in to use this interface for slicing and dicing!