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Try it Now, Morro, Microsoft Security Essentials

It’s a sad fact that anti virus software is an essential part of using a computer in toady’s connected world, and many people baulk at paying extra for this , although it has never been that expensive.  Microsoft have released a beta of what was Morro, now known as Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE).  It’s in beta now but this program is only open to the first 750,0000 registrations.

It has a lot in common with Forefront Client Security except that as a free consumer orientated product, it is missing all the manageability of it’s licensed sibling;

  • it can’t be controlled by group policy 

  • it isn’t integrated with System Center

  • it isn’t integrated with Network Access Protection (NAP).

This common lineage means it is fit for purpose; the anti-spyware/anti-virus capabilities in Forefront Client Security are good enough to protect 50,000+ of Microsoft’s own PC’s and laptops including mine.

Of course it would be a simple matter to include all of this in the upcoming Windows 7 operating system, but you can imagine that the anti-virus industry and the EU would take a dim view of this so this will be a separate download when it is released.

Note 24/6/09 I have noticed that the site to register is already closed, and I think it may have just been for the US, so sorry about that.  When I know more I’ll put up another post