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TechNet Virtual Conference, Thanks for watching

Our first effort at running a TechNet type road show as a virtual event worked pretty well but this platform did have a few niggles which I hope didn’t ruin your day too much.  This was mainly around the moderated chat which we couldn’t get into ourselves for most of the day. However judging by all the activity on twitter the content itself was vey well received e.g. these three popped up while I am typing this:

  • INTJohn: @benwatt put on a geeky T shirt, hold a couple of carrier bags, and sit next to the laundry basket for more conference realism #technetvconf
  • QUEEG505: #technetvconf Some excellent content, like the R2 stuff and Powershell 2.0 Have F1 prac live timing on iphone next to me , so happy 🙂
  • ian0x0r: well thats its for me #technetvconf . Thanks for some good IT pro videos.

Early indications are that about 4,000 are tuned in.  However if you couldn’t make it we will be leaving the videos and other content on the site for the next 3 months so you can still watch my sessions on Windows Server 2008 r2 and Data Protection Manager on the site here.

BTW we’ll be doing this again once we’ve ironed out the rough spots as we’ve also had a lot of feedback from the far flung corners of the UK where TechNet road shows would never go.