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Reinventing the Wheel



A lot of the things you need to do with SQL Server may well have been done before even if it’s using the new features in the new version , SQL Server 2008.  The challenge is to find this stuff and be able to make use of that earlier effort and a key resource for this is codeplex an open source portal of stuff you can use on the Microsoft platform.  I say open source because this stuff is free to use under some recognised license such as , GNU GPL, Microsoft Public License etc.

A good example of the good stuff on here is all the projects that use the new spatial capabilities of SQL Server.  There are projects containing the freely to use US census data, map point integration, various type conversions and a start  on providing routing functionality. I also found a good example of how to use merge and table value parameters in integration services.

Of course this shouldn’t be one way traffic; a lot of the code here is provided by Microsoft, but MVP’s and partners also contribute, but there are no rules to stop you helping out as well.  This might just be to comment and suggest improvements to modifying a project in some way to writing your own.

At the very least it should stop you doing so much wheel reinvention.