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SQL Server 2008 r2

For those that couldn’t justify going to to TechEd in LA, you may not be aware that the next version of SQL Server has been announced.  Following the Windows Server practice of major minor releases then new baby is SQL Server 2008r2.

Why another release so soon? Maybe this video will help..

Watch the Introduction to SQL Server 2008 R2 Video

How does the new release help? here’s a quick rundown of what’s coming in r2..

  • 256 Core support. BTW you’ll need Windows Server 2008 r2 as the operating system for this.
  • Master Data Management.  I posted some time ago that Stratature master data management tool that Microsoft bought would be rolled up inot SharePoint 2010, but now it’s going to be in SQL Server
  • Better project management and integration with Visual Studio
  • add-ins for Office 2010 :
    • Self service analysis  (the Gemini project)
    • Share your work in SharePoint 2010
    • Analysis Services Dashboard in SharePoint 2010
  • Self service reporting
    • Report models get unspecified improvements
    • Virtual Earth integration
    • Libraries to share report components


If you are interested in this you can register for the beta here.