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The Converging Paths of SQL Server and SharePoint

image SQL Server DBAs  don’t necessarily get SharePoint and SharePoint administrators (SPA?) often don’t know too much about SQL Server. Of course SQL Server is where SharePoint data gets stored so if SQL Server isn’t configured properly SharePoint will suffer.  In smaller organisation SharePoint administration is often just given to the DBA as another task with little or no extra training. 

It’s also important to understand how the various high availability features in SQL Server can be used to also make SharePoint highly available as well as how to lock down permissions in SQL Server so no one is a back door into that SharePoint data.

So Quest Software and Coeo thought it would be good to get some experts in both technologies to spend a day explaining how they both work and fit together:

  • Christian Bolton, SQL Server MVP and Director/Database Architect, Coeo Ltd.
  • Doug Davis, Director of Product Management, SharePoint, Quest Software
  • Iain Kick, SQL Server Systems Consultant, Quest Software
  • Viral Tarpara, SharePoint  Evangelist, Microsoft
  • and er .. me,  Andrew Fryer, SQL Server Evangelist, Microsoft

    If this is a part of your world then the event is from 9: 00 (registration and breakfast) from 8:00) – 5pm on 27th May at Microsoft’s  Cardinal Place office in Victoria London.

    Map picture

    and you can register for it here.