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Getting Safe OffLine by going green

Hopefully the Getting Safe OnLine message is getting out there and you are ensuring that all computers are properly protected both at work and at home. But what about security worries when you’re offline, we all get statements from banks and utilities like gas electricity plus council tax and these can easily be used to clone you identity and get a new credit card.  Even worse than these are credit card cheques and semi completed credit card applications. 

My top tip is to shred them and then compost them..


Apart from being secure (OK somebody could go through your compost heap and stick all the bits back together but it’s not likely), it can really help make your garden greener .  The shredded stuff is added in to the grass cutting which allows air in and prevents the grass going smelly and slimy. From a technical point of you if you don’t get this right you end up releasing a load of methane into the atmosphere which is 100 time more efficient as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide is.

6-8 weeks after you have done this it all goes back on the garden with your flowers or in my case the vegetable, which is a lot tastier than trying to just eat all the paper.