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360 Degree Feedback at Microsoft

Following on from my last post, Microsoft doesn’t have a site where you can rate our performance on an individual basis, instead it relies on surveys.  One example  of this is that you will on occasion be asked to fill out an online survey when you access a Microsoft site. 

The most important of these is an overall customer satisfaction survey (known internally as the Global Relationship Survey) carried out every six months and sent to over 3.3 million people worldwide.  Recipients are chosen at random from carefully selected categories such as IT professionals, IT managers and developers in each country across various sizes and sectors of business by a third party company specialising in this. 

This is a huge and expensive exercise, so why bother?  You might think this is because customer satisfaction is a lead indicator,Microsoft can use this data to predict market share and revenue.  But that could be done a lot cheaper than this as the survey has many questions in it on detailed aspects  of your relationship with respect to support, account management, the products themselves  to name just a few.

The real reason this survey is there is to tune and improve what is working and to address the concerns raised.  So if you get one of these all I would ask is that you complete it to give us you honest and open feedback. 

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