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SQL Data Services will be more like SQL Server

I have to say when I got to discussing SQL Server Data Services as was with James Rowland Jones at SQL Bits cubed it left me a bit cold.  I am not a web developer I guess because I am too old, but while the ACE (Authority, Containers and Entities and Flexible Entities) model sounded attractive it looked like back to the drawing board if you wanted to port your application from SQL Server in your data centre to the cloud.

That has changed and SDS will now support SQL (T-SQL) and understand transactions like any relational database. For a simple soul like me it seems that this is for the better -  If I have written a load of code to work with SQL Server on my phone/ laptop/server shouldn’t I also be able to also opt to deploy that to the cloud, without having to rewrite it? 

This announcement was only made yesterday and the only public details I could find are on the SDS blog. So many of the other resources on MSDN and the SQL Server micro-site have yet to be changed, and I need to get hold of James to reshoot it hopefully at the next SQL Bits!