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SQL Bits goes Fourth

The hugely successful SQL Bits event is coming to Manchester on 28th March.  Hopefully the more northerly venue will attract some new faces while not putting off the hardcore who have 2 or even three SQL Bits polo shirts in their wardrobe. 

Being involved in this event is one of my favourite parts of my job, but the organisers are very keen that the same old faces (and I have an old face!) stand aside for some new talent.  So if you’re passionate about some aspect of SQL server then get an abstract together and submit it here (You’ll need to register yourself as a speaker and submit a bit about yourself as well).  If you need more convincing here’s  Chris Testa O’Neill, a new speaker at SQL Bits cubed …

Once you have submitted your session it then gets voted on (top tip get all your mates to vote for you!) and then you’re on!  Also bear in mind that the organisers are trying to arrange for the event to be filmed again so you can share your hour of glory with your partner/ mum / boss / favourite pet what you do all day at work.

It might also be good to check out the videos of the sessions from SQL Bits cubed to get some ideas.

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