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Saying Goodbye to SQL Server 2000

I have published quite a few posts on how to upgrade from SQL 2000 to 2005/8 since I started blogging, but I still get asked a lot of questions about how and why so Alex (Editor of the TechNet Newsletter) and I though an event might be in order.

However this is a TechNet event with a difference in that you don’t have to go anywhere as we’ll be doing it via a live webcast.  So it is interactive if you catch it live, but you can also get to watch it all again if you aren’t free at the time. 

We are running this on hour session at 16:00 on 17 February and you can register for it here.

BTW if you want to watch it live you’ll need the live meeting client which you can download here, if not you can just watch it offline in media player.