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Happy Christmas

Hopefully you have got where you need to be in this awful weather and are going to have a great Christmas.  Andrew… Read more

Windows 7 Security – don’t panic

On the MSNBC RedTape site there’s an article, 12 Things Computer Should Fear in 2010 and coming in at number 10 is Windows 7 (not sure if the list is on order).  One of the comments is that because Microsoft has worked so hard on compatibility then 8 of 10 windows viruses will still work. … Read more

EcoCamp – Working from Home

I took along a Microsoft RoundTable to the EcoCamp I was at over the weekend which sparked off a conversation on the value of working from home. I had always assumed that home working was environmentally sound,  because of the savings in travel.  However one of the discussion group Jim Hensman at Coventry University has… Read more


The best thing about my job is the interesting people I get to meet and this weekend was no exception, because I went to an EcoCamp in Coventry and met an arctic explorer and some amazing industrial designers amongst others. You might wonder what that has got to do with my work? Well strictly nothing,… Read more

PowerPivot 101 – an Introduction

If you showed a business analyst or finance guy how to manipulate a whole year’s worth of data in Excel they’ll probably buy you lunch.  PowerPivot for Excel does just that, but before you cash in, you need to be aware of how it works its magic and understand why it compliments rather than replaces… Read more

SQL Server scalability?

Is SQL Server is only as good as the operating system – discuss The ability of SQL Server to make use of underlying hardware is often held up by the operating system, or to put it another way, pretty much as soon as there is support for some new thing the SQL Server team have… Read more

Brown IT

Green IT is about saving power in offices and data centres, so my definition of brown IT is about making the best use of the existing kit you have.  This is good for two reasons, it saves you money as you don’t have to buy new hardware, and it saves vital resources. You will see… Read more

Report Builder 3.0 Shared Report Parts

Report Builder 2 in SQL Server 2008 allows for some collaboration on report design between the business user and the IT professional, but this is limited to a working on a whole report.  A possible scenario would be that the IT guy would create a data source  and a query (dataset) and then hand this… Read more

Using Shared Web Parts in Report Builder 3

Introduction Report Builder 3 is built into SQL Server 2008 R2 report manager and is a click once application.  It is also available as a separate download in the feature pack. At the time of writing the November ctp is the latest verison which can be downloaded from here, and the relevant feature pack is… Read more