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Evangelism Evangelism Evangelism

The IT Pro Evangelist team are all at a huge education event , BETT, this week. Viral, Steve, Eileen, James and me. We are there to give help and advice to the IT Pro’s working in education, so we’ll be taking a little longer to answer your comments and e-mails.  I have only had one… Read more

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the TechNet Forum

Forums (fora for Latin geeks) date back to well before Microsoft and even Frankie Howerd. TechNet has a raft of forums  on almost every Microsoft technology as it affects IT professionals where you can get and give help.  Both MVP’s and Microsoft product guys keep watch on these so you can usually get a good… Read more

SQL Bits the SQL

Following the huge success of SQL Bits last year Tony Rogerson and the UK SQL Server Community have planned the SQL for 1st March at the Lakeside Conference Centre Aston University Birmingham B4 7ET Like last time it’s on a Saturday and there will be four tracks as well as sessions by the sponsors :… Read more

Data Mining in SQL Server 2005, 2008

Data Mining like every other term in business intelligence seams to mean different things to different people. For me the key things that data mining does are: Assist in discovering relationships in data sets that were previously unknown.  An example would be to get an insight on how age, and gender relate to which mobile… Read more

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas an IT Pro sent to me…

Twelve New Servers Coming   The product guys at Microsoft have been busy so there are going to be lots (but not 12) of new servers coming out this year: Windows Server 2008 (in 8 exciting flavours depending on whether you need virtualization or not) SQL Server 2008 editions: developer, express, compact, workgroup, standard and… Read more

On the Eighth Day of Christmas an IT Pro sent to me…

Eight Mashups Linking   Happy  New Year. You’ve eaten and drunk too much over the last week or so and I expect your brain has been taking a break as well.  So to get you gently back into technology how about creating a mashup?  This is simply a web-site that uses dynamic components of other… Read more