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SQL Server 2008 RTM Date

There’s no easy way to write this but SQL Server 2008 won’t be released (RTM) until Q3 of 2008, which is a couple of months later than the provisional date shown on many slides and blogs (including mine) to date.  This isn’t really that surprising, many of you have noticed the CTP releases have been… Read more

Peas and Carrots are off

Unfortunately, the You Tube link in my previous post has been pulled.  For those that didn’t see it it was a rap video extolling the virtues of Business Objects and SAP (being together like peas and carrots) while flaming the competition. Somebody else out there doesn’t like Peas and Carrots either! Technorati Tags: SAP,Business Objects… Read more

Peas and Carrots

I hate vegetables, and I have many happy memories of implementing business intelligence solutions in Business Objects XI so this You-tube video bought a smile to my face.  I personally don’t think there is any mileage in competition bashing, and one of the many things I like about working for the Microsoft machine is that… Read more

2008 Launch Wave

The official launch of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 will happen on the 19th March at the Birmingham ICC.  The format will be a sort of mini TechEd IT Forum with separate technology tracks, Hands-on Labs, Ask the Experts etc. In addition, you’ll be able to hear from IT Pro’s… Read more

SQL Server BI Everywhere

Nearly everything Microsoft brings out these days has a SQL Server back-end, except Exchange as Eileen will tell you.  I got asked about cubes in Project Enterprise server recently and managed to resolve an issue with the data not being updated due to a connection problem. In a similar vein, I have been helping out… Read more

Champion IT

Georgina (aka Curious George) and Faith who look after all things TechNet have this Champion IT competition going on which I really ought to have mentioned before.  Basically you can nominate yourself or a colleague for doing something a little bit special with the Microsoft platform in one of three areas: Latest and Greatest –… Read more

SQL Server for Data Mining

SQL Server 2005/2008 has a number of data mining algorithms built in to discover hidden relationships in your data or to use a set of attributes to predict the value of other attributes: Microsoft Association Algorithm. Used to work out which items are most likely to appear together in a transaction, so this is the… Read more

Data Mining – Good for Your Health?

Using Data Mining techniques to establish and predict trends is a black art with as many myths and legends as any book by Terry Pratchett.  Like any magic it’s only credible if it works and it clearly does, because certain communities are becoming increasingly worried about the unconstrained use of data mining in the marketing… Read more