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SQL Server 2008 supports how many cores?

I often say that a database is only as good as the system it is running on. For example SQL Server supports 64 cores (as opposed to CPUs) because that is the limit in Windows Server, even in Windows Server 2008.   However if you have been at PDC or TechEd in Barcelona (where I am writing this from) then you will have seen that Windows 2008 r2 will have support for 256 cores.  Surprise surprise the SQL server team at WinHEC (the Hardware Engineering Conference) have now issued a  statement that SQL Server can use all of that with the release Kilimajaro.

If you haven’t heard of Kilimanjaro it’s primarily aimed at providing end user business intelligence tools for SQL Server.

BTW SQL Server is licensed per CPU so this could be a really cheap solution if Intel release a 256 core version of the Xeon.