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SQL Server is a tough job but someone’s got to do it

During a quiet moment at TechEd I was talking to the Search Server Express product team about our respective technologies (SQL Server and SharePoint) and how significant they were.  I have a simple demo to prove how widespread SQL Serve is to back me up in these situations which you might like to use if you are feeling unloved and unwanted at work…

  1. Logon to your favourite on-line IT Job site and note the number of jobs on line. In my test it was 20,496.
  2. Filter  on “SQL Server”  and note divided by answer 1. In my case the answer was 2,571 to give 12.5% of all jobs advertised are for SQL Server.
  3. Repeat for the technical specialism of the person you are talking to. For SharePoint the answer was 756 jobs to give a 3.7% ratio
  4. Smile politely.
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