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High Availability Integration Services in SQL server

I see a lot of people asking about how to make integration services highly available and there isn’t an easy answer, so let me explain why. Integration services (SSIS) is designed to bulk move a set of data from a source to a target while performing some sort of translation on the way.  The most… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is a simple and quick way to see what’s happening right now in SQL Server, Not too much happening on my demo rig but you get the idea. It took me a few minutes to open this because my local books on line has an error in it  on how to open it… Read more

Rename the SQL Server sa account

Another good thing that’s done at the SQL Server community evenings is a 5 minute slot where anyone can have a go at showing something interesting. Tony Rogerson got me to open the batting to encourage others to have a go.  I am not sure who it was who came up next but it was… Read more

When to Upgrade to SQL Server 2008

Among the interesting stuff discussed at last nights SQL community meeting at the Microsoft Campus,was a lively debate on whether to wait for SQL Server 2008 sp1.  The traditional view has been to wait until sp1 because that is the stable release.  One wit in the audience suggested that SQL Server 2008 was really SQL… Read more

Restore SQL Server to an earlier version

It’s a simple matter to restore SQL Server backups to later versions, in fact you don’t need to do anything different but what about the other way around? I first got caught out with this  back in the days of SQL Server 7 and 2000, and the basic answer is the same today for SQL… Read more

SQL Server and Virtualisation

I am still getting loads of questions on virtualising SQL Server so rather than blogging away here, I am getting involved with Windows ITPro magazine along with a number of cross industry virtualisation experts to run a virtual (what else would it be!) event “Virtualization: Get The Facts” from 11:00am (GMT) tomorrow.   I am on… Read more

Talking about Business Intelligence to your FD part 2

The other hot topic at last Friday’s ICAEW round table on Business Intelligence was KPI’s. Toby Wilson (Finance Director of Microsoft UK) explained that Microsoft uses 30 KPIs despite the diversity of its diverse business (XBox, Mobile, Live services, Software, Consulting etc.).  These are set top down and although they are a constraint they are… Read more

Talking about Business Intelligence to your FD part 1

As I have remarked before Business isn’t run by the IT Department it is run by the people who hire and fire the IT department i.e. the Finance Director (FD).  Given the current economic climate now would be a perfect time to see what you can do to help, so I have spent the morning… Read more

What you see is what you get

  Data Visualisation is one of my many interests and Marc Holmes showed us a bunch of wordles like the one above in yesterdays team meeting, and we had to guess the blogger. Mike Taulty won despite not recognising his own blog!. You can see why Marc didn’t use my wordle, SQL Server sort of… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Plan Guides

So here’s how it’s done.. So here’s how it’s done..I rarely know more about SQL Server than my friend Beatrice so I was surprised when I mentioned plan guides and she hadn’t heard of this new feature. I have to say this is not a big mainstream thing and it takes me back query hints… Read more