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Left hand of the damned

Eileen is always quite “rightly” focused on getting more women into IT, but what equality cause can a middle aged anglo-saxon guy promote, and the answer is in the previous sentence. I am left handed and we live in a right thinking society, anything from the left or “sinister” (from sinistre in Italian) is not “a droit” (French).

Eileen has published some research on use of the right brain on this post and how women make use of this more than men.  Being left handed like Eileen and I, means you have this built in irrespective of gender. It means we think about problems differently, but here’s the thing, if the world only comprised left handed women then we’d still be missing something (apart from needing some nifty biotech to keep the species going), namely the ordered and logical approach. 

So in my opinion it’s the combination of the two ways of thinking in a collaborative team that really works and that diversity is why I like working in Eileen’s team, and why we need all sorts of people working in IT, not just the stereotypical propeller heads.

OK enough of this, back to the day job back to the right and left joins in SQL Server!

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