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Windows Live Writer just keeps getting cooler

Every couple of months as I write my blog in Windows Live Writer, it pops up and says “would you like to try the latest beta?”, and throwing caution to the wind I say OK. It just quietly keeps getting better, so when I joined Microsoft last July you could put in a picture very easily without a degree in html or worrying about copying that image up to your site.  Now it lets you modify the image in all sorts of interesting ways such as crop tilt rotate recolour and even add a watermark…


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You can now embed video and maps as well, leaving my small brain free to concentrate on the article (although sometimes my spelling would get me a job on the Guardian!) and not worry too much about the technicalities.

Strangely Windows Live Writer is free, as is a Microsoft Live Spaces where you can blog your socks off at no expense, except you do need to get out a bit to find something to blog about.