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SQL Server 2008 Management event in Manchester

Unlike Manchester United, SQL Server 2008 is under new management. What I mean by this is that there are a load of new tools to configure, tune and audit which are essential to keep a modern database in the premiership. 

While I have done a few events on this theme in the London area, the TechNet team have given me the bus fare to Manchester so that I can show all this new stuff to those unable to justify a trip south.

The event is SQL Server Under New Management on October 7th from 9:00 (registration) 12:30 to at  the Manchester Regus:

3000 Aviator Way
Manchester M22 5TG
United Kingdom

..and you can register for it here

I need to use PowerPoint to explain the way these tools fit together but I am concentrating on showing on how all this stuff works such as:

  • Configuration Server allows policies and SQL to be evaluated against a group of servers.
  • Policy Management allows fine grain control and audit of the state of all of the servers in the organisation.
  • PowerShell support allows repetitive tasks to be scripted and integrated into other administrative tasks in Windows Server 2008.
  • Resource Governor in Enterprise edition dynamically mediates workloads when the server is under pressure.
  • The Performance Data Warehouse allows historical statistics to be analysed.
  • Audit and the other change tracking tools provide a rich source of compliance data without adversely impacting performance.
  • XEvents allow you to deep dive into what is happening to your system.
  • Transparent Data Encryption and backup compression (also only in Enterprise edition)allow you to better protect your data.

So come along if you can, to learn, share and network.