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SQL Bits Cubed, Thanks

Thanks to all of the enthusiastic SQL squirrels, who gave the most glorious Saturday for months to sit in a darkened lecture theatre, for their art.  Thanks too to Tony Rogerson , Simon Sabin, Martin Bell and the rest of the SQL Bits team for organising the event, and to all the speakers for sharing their hard earned knowledge and for wearing the greenest polo shirts I have ever seen…                                                                                                                                           


I know many of you will have noticed that there was a serious attempt to film everything, and a couple of the speakers have already asked me about getting access to the content, so before I am inundated with requests to links etc. I don’t actually have an answer yet.

I did a couple of shorts, including James Rowland-Jones  and his lego for TechNet Edge but it will be a few weeks before it’s up there.  This is because the guy responsible for the crew Alan le Marquand, is actually part of Microsoft corp and so he’s off to Redmond for the next three weeks.  He’s also got to do a fair amount of editing (including the organisers session on RockBand!) so when I know you’ll know.

Remember that while watching the sessions is useful if you couldn’t make it, it’s not the same as being there, as you can’t ask the presenters questions, hang out with like minded individuals or stock up on swag and catch up with the exhibitors.  So I will be expecting a good turn out for the next one and if you’re up for it submit a session!