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64 bit odbc connectivity to SQL Server

Working for Microsoft is strangely like working for the government, yu are essentially trying to please everyone, but there are significant minorities on any given issue who aren’t that satisfied.

Let me explain with a real world example..

The lack of 64 bit jet and odbc drivers mean that anyone trying to get data into 64 bit SQL Server from Excel and Access has to do all sorts of chicanery.  Clearly those affected feel this is a big issue – after all this is simply a case of moving data from one Microsoft product to another. Virtually every Business Intelligence project is affected by this as there is always some niche data in Excel or Access that is needed in the data warehouse and typically these projects rely on 64 bit SQL Server.

So why is this issue still hanging around? The answer is democracy, there have been more people asking the office and SQL Server teams for other features than for this one. Eventually this issues will be a high enough priority to make it worthwhile to do and that may well happen in Office 14 (but I am making no promises here). 

Where Microsoft differs from Government is that you can often vote on a given issue rather than just vote in a party and leave them to get on with it. So if you are really unhappy about the lack of 64 bit odbc support then please please register your concerns on connect, and when you search for this issue as I did you realise that there a whopping 65 votes for it, last time it was raised over a year ago, and maybe thaa’s why the product teams haven’t picked up on it!