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SQL Server 2008 Report Builder v2.0 RC1


As I mentioned a few weeks ago the end user reporting tool for SQL Server 2008, Report Builder v2 didn’t release with SQL Server 2008. There was an RC0 version of it with SQL Server 2008 RC0 and when SQL Server 2008 released this download disappeared causing some confusion and scratching of heads. 

The good news is that you can now download the RC1 version here.  The really good news is that it has got some wizards and loads of other stuff in it to make using it a lot more friendly.  It’s also a standalone .msi which you can then deploy to your users as needed, although I believe it will eventually be a click once application like Report Builder v1 in SQL Server 2005.

I will be having a play with over the next few days and I will be sharing that in a future post.