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Who stole my Report Builder

Anyone who has tried Report Builder v2, aka Report designer Preview, blue etc. will have noticed that it isn’t fit for purpose yet.  By this I mean it is not in a state in which you could give it to a what Microsoft calls an information worker i.e. business user and get them to to generate their own reports. Also it currently doesn’t work with shared models or SharePoint integrated mode.  You will have also noticed that in RC0 it was included in the feature pack and that is not there anymore at all so if you haven’t got it already you are going to have to wait.

Basically it is still in development and there will be versions coming out during the autumn starting off with an English only download around the end of August and later a click once application like Report Builder v1 that’s in SQL Server 2005 and of course multi language support. 

You can of course continue to use Report Builder v1 but that won’t surface any of the reporting features in SQL Server 2008, such as the tablix data region and the new charts and gauges that were licensed form Dundas.