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SQL Server 2008 Released

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I hope you are sitting down, and don’t have a coffee in your hand when you read this, but SQL Server 2008 released at 17:00 GMT today!

This is good news for all the people who have asked me about release dates as they can now start to plan and deploy in earnest. 

It’s good for me as I can now start building the demo’s I need to for the next round of TechNet road shows, TechEd IT Forum, and even a quick demo for when Steve Ballmer pops over in a couple of months. 

And it’s good news for you even if you aren’t one of the 500,000 people who downloaded the various betas and ctps, but in order for you to find out why then you could do worse than come to a SQL Server event this autumn such as:

  • Microsoft SQL Event 10th September  in Reading (not posted on the events site so pencil it in for now).

  • SQL Bits Cubed 13th September in Hatfield

  • SQL Server Under New Management TechNet Road show Manchester in 7th October (register here) and Exeter 23rd October (register here) and in Manchester.

You might also want to download it and this can be done from the main SQL Server site

Also don’t forget to get the feature pack which should also be updated for release. This has all the important add-ins like the upgrade advisor, command line utilities and best practice policies. 

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