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SQL Bits – Don’t be square be cubed

The UK SQL community are doing their next SQL Bits cubed on Saturday 13th Sept at Hatfield University.  Possible excuses for NOT attending would be:

  • You are reading this blog not because you are a highly skilled DBA but:
    1. You like my witty style
    2. You are one of my 2 friends
    3. You have been bribed by me to keep my hits up.
  • You are a vet in your spare time and will be spending the day at Haydock Park for the British Equine Vetinary Association Congress
  • You need a replacement set of forks for your Vincent Black Shadow and will be at Netley Marsh for the Classic Bike Eurojumble
  • You are so clued up on SQL Server that you have digitised all your comic collection and stored it all using Filestream, allowing you to spend the day at the Movie Comic Media Expo in Telford buying more comics.
  • You have your life savings down on Lucky Lad in the St Ledger at Doncaster, and you need to be there to nobble the competition

So assuming you are none of the above then you can choose one the 4 tracks to suit your particular passion for SQL Server:

  • Developer
  • DBA
  • BI
  • SQL Server 2008

The individual sessions have been recommended by those already registered and lovingly prepared by MVPs and other experts in the field as well as a couple of Microsofties like Mike Taulty and me. 

SQL Bits is also a huge opportunity to network whether you are after an answer to a problem or a change of role, so don’t be square be cubed