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Evangelism in Eden

Evangelism is a pretty unusual job title, inspiring comments such as ‘Only at Micrsoft’. This evangelist has been off  to the Eden Project and  I got chatting to one of their pollinators, Martin, and discovered that his role is to seed ideas and win hearts and minds of the visiting public, so that would be evangelism as well. 

Martin, like all of the team working on the Eden project is passionate about the environment and sustainability, while he is also very keen on music.  The picture below is his take on the mp3 ghetto blaster.  The rig would do credit to any episode of pimp my ride but atop it all are some photovoltaic solar cells and a wind turbine so it is self powered. 


(Apologies to Martin as the only snap I have of his creation is this one and he’s out of shot!). His green machine is largely recycled like this sculpture featuring a lot of early PC components amongst the other sorts of junk we all discard.



I  am not sure anyone is doing enough in this space, and most of the good stuff is hidden away amongst a lot of hype. IMO we should just ensure that we and the stuff we use travels a little less and that there are quite a lot less of us on this small fragile boulder.

IT and software allows ideas to move without people needing to do so and that’s where Microsoft comes in ..

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