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Vista Chick Magnet

I got one of my neighbour’s sons onto our one week work experience program this week, so I thought I would drop in to watch the presentations they had to do.  Everyone was genuinely impressed with the quality of the work, the imagination and professionalism they showed, and their presentation skills would put many of us to shame as they showed no fear and no preconceptions. One team from the FunTech program went for the north face and chose to compare XP vs Vista.  Their presentation started off with a simple scientific approach by simply opening  calculator in XP and Vista:

  • It takes 12 seconds on XP to hit start –>programs –> accessories –> calculator, assuming you know where to go.
  • Same hardware now running Vista search calc… click on calculator 7 seconds and no a priori knowledge needed.

This is such a simple message, but Microsoft has simply not articulated the argument as simply as this.  They wanted to bring back Bob as well and showed us a few sketches..


However the best bit was when one of the team Emily (You know who you are!) concluded the presentation by simply saying Vista is a chick magnet”.   What she meant was that girls like her think it is cool to use, but I am sure most people seeing the title of this post are going to assume that Vista has the same kind of pulling power as a Ferrari.

Thanks to the new vista squad for letting me use their stuff…

  • Angus Rigby
  • Stuart Shepherd
  • Emily White

..and to the rest of the team’s for all their hard work.

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