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SQL Bits Logo design

I have heard it said by many developers that DBAs are all artists, so please can you direct your creative talents to coming up with a new logo for the SQL Bits events. Simon Sabin, designed the last one but it needs to be changed for reasons I won’t bore you with:

Note: Don’t be a square come to the cubed event like it says at Hatfield 13th September.

Please send your logo ideas to Simon, and I will organise the prize, probably something with the new SQL Server 2008 new logo on:


I have to say I like the new triangular thing for SQL Server 2008 BUT it’s shared with other products including BizTalk so I am pretty upset that the product marketing guys couldn’t justify something unique for SQL Server.  I quite liked the SQL Cans on the jumpstart t-shirts:


They look sort of database related and are about the coolest Microsoft design I have seen on a shirt.

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