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The Technology Garden


I’m at the Insight Architects Conference today and I have just been sitting in on the keynote from John Collins of Freeform Dynamics. He was going through his latest research on the perceptions and take up of Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) and Software as a Service (SaaS), and his findings are that successful companies are leveraging these approaches and also that these same companies generally see IT as an enabler rather than an overhead.

His team have also distiiled the interviews of CIO IT managers and the business into a handy book, in the same way as Stephen Covey did for his seven habits of highly effective people.  This book the Technology Garden has six habits for successful IT managers:

  • IT need to get the basics right

  • Create a common language between business and IT

  • Establish a joint understanding between business and IT

  • Work together towards co-oridinated goals and objectives

  • Manage IT as a business driven portfolio

  • Foster relationships with key IT suppliers

This also fits in with Ralph Kimball’s checklist for successful BI, but the point is here that it applies to all aspects of IT in the business.