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TechNet Subscription- Shameless Plug

One of the challenges of modern working life is reconciling individual effort with team achievement.  I have the good fortune to work in a great team, but we are not above a little competition every now and then.

We have all been given a code which you can use when buying your TechNet Plus subscription and mine is UKITPRO4.   The evangelist with the most subscriptions, get loads of kudos and a small prize .To use the code just go to the TechNet subscription page or call 0800 281 221.

What’s in it for you? That would be the 30% discount that you get when using this code.  Of course 30% off of something you don’t use is no bargain, so why lash out £163.80 for a direct or £281.40 for the DVD version? My top feature would be the 2 support calls you get a year, which I have used on many occasions before joining Microsoft to get me out of jail.  I still use the software from it and the magazine helps me to stay current with all the other platforms.

If this doesn’t appeal how does a free subscription sound?  If you are planning to evaluate SQL Server 2008 and want help to do this then there is the momentum program for early adopters of all of the new platforms.  This is by invitation and the details are here.