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Mini Computing

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The IT Pro team will be talking to over 2,000 of you over the next couple weeks as we embark on our sold out TechNet road show.  The bread van (as the rest of the team refer to my eccentric choice in transport) will be putting the mini into mini computing as we haul our server farm form city to city.  Disaster recovery is important so not all the gear goes in one car so Steve will be using his electric skateboard (Prius) to move the other half of the demo cluster.

This time around the shows will not be quite as exciting as they could be as there is no SQL Server content. We are concentrating on WTF (as we refer to the Windows Server 2008 Top Features).  My next few posts will explain what these mean for DBAs, so you can understand why it might be a good idea to beat up your server team to slide Windows Server 2008 underneath SQL Server.