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2008 Launch Videos

Blogging is easy to do, there’s no one watching you and you can martial your thoughts.  The problem is you don’t get any feedback until you’ve published your post.

Presenting is much harder, apart form the demo demons, there’s a real audience and you can’t really run away.

For me that’s relatively easy compared to being filmed as I found when I was recorded by Computer Weekly as part of the Launch event in Birmingham on 19th March.   There’s all the pressure of knowing you are going to be seen, but no feedback to work with.  Fortunately most the time the IT Pro evangelist team get to point cameras and podcast devices at other people, which is just as well as apart from Eileen, we have radio faces

Anyway if you do want to see me sweating under the spotlights, the link on the Computer Weekly Site is here.  This will lead you into the Virtual Launch Experience where there is a computer Weekly stand and on that stand are all the videos.