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End of mainstream support for SQL Server 2000

My first ever blog post was about the features of SQL Server 2000 that won’t work in SQL Server 2008, and as I have mentioned before,  SQL Server 2000 will come out of Mainstream support today!  What this means is that SQL Server 2000 will still be the subject of security fixes, and you can still get paid support for it, but other fixes will only be available if you take out extended support, which you have to pay for.

I know of several large organisations who will take out extended support and have planned for this.  However if you weren’t aware of this then all I can suggest is that you look to migrate as soon as possible and in the meantime consider taking out extended support in the meantime if your database is mission critical.

The key resources for upgrade have been the subject of several of my recent posts but too summarise:

  • Compatibility Mode enables SQL Server to emulate the functionality of an earlier release

  • Upgrade Advisor reports on what you need to do before and after an upgrade and can be downloaded here.

  • TechNet Forums will show allow you to see what issues others have come across and how these were resolved. The forum for SQL server install and upgrade is here

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