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Microsoft Licensing

Along with particle physics and rail travel, software licensing is at the forefront of modern mathematics.  I am not  a rocket scientist so I have had a couple of issues in the past around licensing:

  • At HM Customs I gave an application to another government and I didn’t realise that I needed to license the database it was using (anyone remember Ingres, so fast but so badly marketed).
  • I was ordering SQL Server for a new four way box and I wanted CPU licensing for it,  Unfortunately when this went down to purchasing they bought 4 copies of SQL Server Enterprise not 4 CPU licenses, because it was a fraction of the price. 

So if you are struggling with the complexities of licensing, why not come along to this event on An Introduction and Overview of Microsoft Licensing on 15 April 2008 18:30 – 21:20  at our office in Reading:

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Unfortunately there isn’t an event to get the best rail ticket, but there is a free bus from Reading Station to our campus!

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