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Word Reports from SQL Server 2008

I was doing a demo to the final year business students Aston University today , and I noticed that you can now render reports to Word from Reporting Services (it’s in CTP 6 of SQL Server 2008). About time some of you would say but this really needed Word 2007 to make it work. The down side for now is that the cunning plan to design reports in Excel & Word didn’t make the cut for SQL Server 2008, so we just have the report designer to let the users make their own rpeorts. 

However the students I showed this to today were impressed with the report designer and the BI stuff in excel (connecting to cubes and the data mining add-ins), which is a good litmus test for their usability as they have all been exposed to different tools in their year out placements and they will be tomorrows information workers. 

Bizarrely, my offer of swag for the best answer to a question was refused as it turned out that the two students concerned were ex-Microsoft interns and owned up because they were already fully kitted out. But fair play to them as the question I asked was to explain what the balanced scorecard was and not anything to do with Microsofty stuff.