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European PASS Conference 2008


If you can’t make the launch, and weren’t at SQL Bits a couple of weeks ago then why not convince your manager, wife, accountant that you need to go Germany to get SQL fix.  The Professional Association PASS for SQL Server and BI are holding their European Conference at Neuss, 14-16 April.  So all of the fun of PASS without all that jet lag, and all but one of the tracks is in English so the only languages you will need are SQL, MDX and possibly some LINQ.

I notice that some of the UK MVP’s (Alan Mitchell & Chris Webb) will be flying the flag. I would also recommend the sessions by Steffen Krause (Microsoft Germany), Reed Jacobsen (Hitachi)  and Marco Russo(SQL BI)  who has written the MS Press book on LINQ, but came to my attention for his excellent articles on many to many dimension in Analysis Services.

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