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A quick scan of the web will pick up meanings for SSDS:

  • Secure Software Distribution System
  • Self Service Development System
  • Sensor Surveillance Data System
  • Sexual Self-Disclosure Scale
  • Ship Self Defense System
  • Silo Self Defense System
  • Single-Ship Deep-Sweep
  • Software System Development Specification
  • Space Science Data System (NASA)
  • Space Station Data System
  • Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome
  • Supply System Design Specification.

Yesterday it acquired another meaning SQL Server Data Servicesimage

Now in addition to pay as you go phones, hotels (in Japan), Motorway tolls, SSDS is a pay as you go database hosted by Microsoft and as the catchy title suggests is built on SQL Server.

It’s essentially there to support the development of flexible web  2.0 applications and so it understands all of the latest in connectivity such as SOAP, REST and LINQ.  Both VB and C# programmers and can work with it and it’s in its beta form to try now.

Many of the production details are still being worked out, such as how much will it cost, what’s the SLA and so on, so join the beta and post tons of feedback on Connect.