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Occasionally in the dark corners of e-bay, and amazon you’ll find this odd mp3 player for sale called a Zune, Originally it looked a bit like a brick as it came with a lot of in built armour, but in its latest guise it looks more like any other well known player albeit in some odd colours.  Like a lot of hi-tech wizardry they aren’t supposed to be  on sale in backwater Britain, for a number of reasons including the vagaries of media licensing and the fact that they fall foul of our strange rules on radio (they transmit and receive content out of the box and have an fm radio on board).  

So to promote globalisation I bought mine in Seattle and so far I don’t think I have upset any ambulances, aircraft or the fight against terrorism as a result of using it.  I am loving the clean interface and the big screen, but I guess I won’t be sharing my music like in this video

anytime soon as they are so rare in the UK.

Incidentally the video has been around internally in Microsoft for a while, but I had not seen it before outside the blue firewall.  The official Microsoft guide to your lifestyle in the UK (sans Zune) is here.

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