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TechNet Spotlight


I am like c# – I am event driven. I like to meet people and I like to present or be presented to in person.  Last night I watched one of our MVPs, Simon Sabin, give us (the UK SQL Community) the DBA’s guide to the CLR – when to use it and when not to. Great stuff and you get free beer and pizza as well.

However I do understand that evenings are precious and we all have busy lives, so sometimes you just have to watch stuff off line.  I have just discovered TechNet spotlight; which is packed with recordings from most of the big IT Pro events over the last coupe of years.

However there isn’t anything on SQL Server 2008, although 2005 returns about 30 hits and even SQL Server 2000 has 2! So I have mainly been using it to mug up on stuff that isn’t SQL Server such as System Center, and virtualisation in all its forms.

We also have TechNet Edge which is content made by people like me as well as MVP’s and tends to focus on what people are doing with our stuff although I could only find a couple of SQL Server posts on here.

So if you are doing anything cool with SQL server and you want to share it, either in person or as a blogcast please get in touch.  The SQL community would welcome your ideas for sessiosn at their meetings even if it’s only a short slot, and I would be happy to help you get your blog casting career launched.

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